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Common Watch Lubricating Oil Types and Oiling Points: What Kind of Oil Do I Need to Lubricate a Mechanical Watch?

Nov 17,2022/Watch Education

The accuracy of custom mechanical watches is mainly determined by the operation of the movement, and the interior of the movement is complex, and most of the parts will be affected by frictional resistance. Therefore, lubricating oil plays an irreplaceable role in the daily operation of mechanical watches. So many friends will be curious, the oiling of mechanical watches is like ordinary cars, can one kind of lubricating oil be used uniformly? Today we will share with you, the types of lubricating oil for common movement watches and the main points of oiling! Friends who are interested can take a look together!

1. Oiling analysis of mechanical watch components

Oiling is the penultimate step of oil cleaning and maintenance. Add appropriate lubricating oil to the cleaned movement parts to keep the mechanical watch running as it was when it left the factory. However, due to the various mechanisms of custom mechanical watch movements, each mechanism plays a different role, so the lubricating oil required for different parts of the parts is also different. All parts cannot only use the same lubricating oil.

2. Different types of oiling for mechanical watch components

Generally, professional watch lubricating oil is used for oiling mechanical watches.

There are two common types, one is Swiss and the other is Chinese. Here we first look at the lubricating oil made in China. It is available in three sizes and is classified based on viscosity at 40°C.

And these three types of lubricating oil are also parts for different mechanical watch movements.

For example, 4125-1 lubricating oil for special timing instruments under low temperature conditions; 4125-2 lubricating oil for bearings; 4125-3 lubricating oil for watch springs, large clocks, and wall clocks.

Since Chinese-made lubricating oil is based on synthetic oil, and antioxidants, anti-corrosion agents, and anti-flow agents are added to it, it has good oxidation resistance, withstands high and low temperature denaturation, and has a long service life. At the same time, it also has excellent lubricity and anti-scattering properties, suitable for use on gemstone bearings of different mechanical watches and clocks, and can play a very good role in lubrication and protection.

In addition to the use of mechanical watch components corresponding to the movement of the model, attention should also be paid to the amount used. Because some mechanisms inside the movement do not need to be lubricated, but if there is too much lubricating oil and overflows, its parts will be polluted.

The amount of lubricating oil for common movement parts is 0.4~0.5 (diameter/mm) for the escape wheel and the second wheel; 0.6 (diameter/mm) for the center wheel and the passing wheel; The total amount of lubricating oil required for the vertical fork is 0.6 (diameter/mm); the amount of lubricating oil required for the pendulum shock absorber is 0.6~0.9 (diameter/mm); the total amount of lubricating oil required for the box wheel is 0.6~0.8 (diameter/mm). mm); the amount of lubricating oil required for the sub-wheel and each miscellaneous piece is 0.4 (diameter/mm).

When oiling the watch, it should be noted that the mainspring must not be over-oiled, otherwise the oil will overflow. The focus of oiling the gear system is the axles, jewels and jewel holes.

In addition, on the disc nails and pallet fork of the escapement system, the tip of the lower shaft must not be oiled. The balance spring must be kept in a very clean state, and if it is unfortunately oiled, it must be washed again.

The above are several types of lubricating oils commonly used for oiling mechanical watch components, as well as precautions for oiling some movement parts. Through the above content, we can clearly know that the oiling of mechanical watches is not only very particular, but also requires the operator to be very familiar with the internal parts of the movement before it can be completed.

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