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The GoTop range of watch components provide the same level of quality and craftsmanship as our complete watches, delivering reliable performance and quality feel that enhance your brand and streamline assembly processes.
From beautiful, high-quality mechanical or quartz movements, stainless steel bracelets, watch bodies and faces as well as crown winders, bezels and crystal glass, whatever watch part you need is available through our comprehensive stocks.
Our industry-leading logistics and extensive in house manufacturing capability ensure robust, reliable and timely delivery, providing a supply chain that works for your business.

While we stock a broad range of components that cover every facet of watchmaking, providing a comprehensive source for almost every watch component you need, the three most common components our customer's request are:

Often the component that gets taken for granted, the watch strap is as integral to the overall look as any other component. Whether stainless-steel or luxurious leather in a range of colors, we have a selection of straps to replace old ones or add new style to an existing watch.
The face of any watch, we offer a range of contemporary and classic watch dials in a range of colors, ensuring not only a great replacement part, but also an opportunity to create a unique look for any watch.
Available in a variety of styles and materials, the watch case is the heart of any watch. Our watch cases are beautiful to look at and use, with the tactile experience from those superb materials and construction standards elevating the ownership experience to new levels.
10 Parts of a Watch You Should Actually Know

It's not necessary to know every component of a watch to enjoy and operate them, however, there are some parts that are really worth knowing as it can make the ownership experience more enjoyable, and it can also help when your watch needs servicing. Our top 10 components are:

10 Parts of a Watch You Should Actually Know

The face of the watch that contains the numbers or symbols that allow you to tell the time. 


Safely protected inside the case is the watch movement. This is made up of hundreds of moving parts, and can either be quartz, using battery power to keep it running, or mechanical, requiring winding to provide power for watch operation. In either case, it is the movement that keeps time and moves the watch hands accordingly.


The housing for the dial and the watch mechanism itself, often stainless-steel but can be made from precious metals too.


The transparent cover over the dial, often called a watch glass, it protects the hands and mechanism underneath. Modern watches usually use sapphire crystal for this. 


surrounding the crystal, the bezel forms the upper part of the case, but is often in a contrasting material. Some watches feature bezels that rotate to add functionality such as time zones. 


There are usually two hands, one for hours and one for minutes. The longer one marks minutes, the shorter one shows hours. Some watches such as chronographs may have a second hand as well as additional smaller hands for other functions such as a stopwatch or timer.


The knurled knob on the side of the watch case. This is used to adjust the time, and on mechanical movement watches, wind the mechanism too.


The two lugs are where the watchstrap attaches to the watch case using sprung metal bars.


The strap or buckle is the way you secure the watch to your wrist. Leather and stainless-steel options are common, but nylon, rubber and other materials may be used for some situations.


Quartz watches require a battery to keep them powered and operating. This will need to be replaced regularly during ownership.

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7th Floor, A3 building, Zhongtai Technology Industrial Park, Dezheng Road, Shiyan street, Baoan district, Shenzhen city, China.