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What Should I Do if the Mechanical Watch Does Not Work? How to Detect a Mechanical Watch?

Jul 27,2022/Watch Education

Mechanical watches are precise and perfect watchmaking, but no matter how perfect they are, they will inevitably have flaws. What should we do when mechanical watches do not go away? As a professional watch manufacturer, let us lead you to find a solution.

Ⅰ. Reasons why the mechanical watch does not work

1. The second hand of a mechanical watch touches the watch glass

(1) The second hand is installed too high or the second hand is uneven.

(2) The center hole of the main splint is worn, which will reduce the concentricity between the center pinion and the second pinion.

(3) Deformation of mechanical watch glass. Due to the long-term contact with the outside world, the glass of mechanical watches is aged by cold, heat, humidity, etc., and some are broken, and some are deformed into a concave center, which makes the second hand touch.

(4) The second needle tube and the second gear shaft are loose.

2. The second hand and minute hand of the mechanical watch touch together

(1) The second hand of the mechanical watch is not flat or the jacket is too low.

(2) The second hand is uneven, and the mechanical watch partially collides with the minute hand.

(3) The minute hand is raised due to the uneven assembly of the mechanical watch.

(4) Damage to the center pinion hole, resulting in poor concentricity of the splint. It can be solved by the above method.

3. The hour hand collides with the wrist watch dial or trademark, and the hour hand rubs against the watch dial. Although sometimes it will not cause the mechanical watch to stop, it will affect the duration of travel time, and even scratch the surface of the watch dial.

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Ⅱ. How to detect mechanical watches?

When the mechanical watch does not stop adjusting, first unscrew the button in the middle of the mechanical watch. After the unscrewed state, the mechanical watch maintenance crown rotates upwards in the state of not being pulled out to wind up. It is recommended to wind up the mechanical watch or the wrist watch that has been left for a long time. This can reserve some power for the wrist watch, so as to avoid pauses or inaccurate timing caused by insufficient activity. Pull back and turn the hour hand twice to stop at 7 o'clock.

Ⅲ. How to repair the mechanical watch that does not work?

Mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two types: manual winding and automatic winding watches. Manual-winding mechanical watches rely on hand power. If the watch suddenly stops, you have to consider the lack of power. A hand-wound watch should try to be wound once a day at the same time, so that the watch has enough energy to operate in the next 24 hours. A mechanical watch must be worn every day, and it takes more than eight hours and a certain amount of exercise to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical watch. If the amount of exercise is not enough, it is necessary to manually wind the string on a regular basis.

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