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What Points Should Be Noticed When Choosing a Suitable Hand Watch?

Mar 28,2023/Buying Guides

Nowadays, our living standards are constantly improving, and fashion trends have become the pursuit of most people. Wearing hand watches has become a habit for people. Hand watches can not only conveniently check the time, but also serve as a decoration. But hand watches are not just something that you can buy and wear casually. Matching and suitability are the most important considerations.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a suitable hand watch?

  • Generally speaking, the fewer additional indication functions a hand watch has, the better the timekeeping performance. Many hand watches' calendars are just decorations. In addition, hand watches with pointer-type calendars and small seconds hands are also good choices. They have a unique classical charm. Hand watches with big window calendars are easy to malfunction.

  • When buying a hand watch with an unusual case, be careful, as it is difficult to match with original parts. If it is a high-end hand watch with an arched sapphire glass case, even if it can be matched, the price is quite expensive.

  • For hand watches produced in small quantities or by independent hand watchmakers, including all avant-garde and conceptual design hand watches, one should consider the problems of maintenance and repair in the future. If the accessories cannot keep up, the hand watch will be difficult to repair.

  • It is not recommended to buy hand watches with 18K white gold cases, because most of the cases and straps of this type of material look "pale white", and the outermost layer is rhodium-plated. Once the plating is worn off, some yellowing will appear on the surface.

  • Watches with bracelet straps, also known as integrated case band and bracelet straps welded to the case, do not have joints like divided bands, and need to be cut when shortened. Once shortened, they cannot be lengthened again, and many of them need to be re-welded, which is very complicated.

  • Do not buy hand watches that are too large, too thick, or too heavy. Hand watches that are too large or too thick have a case that exceeds 40mm and a thickness that exceeds 14mm. Their weight exceeds 200g, making the wrist uncomfortable and causing a sense of discomfort and oscillation. Unless there are special requirements, choose hand watches that are appropriate in size. Exaggerated hand watches are not beautiful.

  • Do not buy gold-plated or two-tone case and strap hand watches, as the gold-plating layer of the hamd watch is not thick, at most between 3-5 microns, which is very easy to wear off. If it is ion-plated titanium gold, the color may not be correct.

  • It is better for women to buy quartz hand watches, as the mechanical performance of women's hand watches is far lower than that of men's hand watches, and the maintenance cycle is shorter. For men with insufficient activity and demanding hand watch accuracy, it is also recommended to wear quartz hand watches.

  • For ultra-thin and small quartz hand watches, first confirm whether the battery model used is easy to replace, how much it costs to replace one, and that the smaller and thinner the hand watch battery is, the more expensive it is. The usage time is also shorter. Therefore, when selecting quartz hand watches, be sure to check the manual and see how many months the battery life is.

What are the benefits of wearing a hand watch that suits you?

First of all, attitude. We believe that hand watches are not just for telling time. A person wearing a hand watch usually means a strong sense of time and a dignified style.

Of course, there is also taste. A person's rare good taste is first reflected in his dressing and matching for different occasions. The relationship between clothing and hand watches is subtle and can cleverly highlight one's identity. It is a kind of confidence. A person wearing a hand watch and a person who does not give different feelings to others.

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