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What Parts Does a Watch Consist Of?

Dec 20,2017/Watch Education

1. Watch face components: Watch mirror

The main function of the mirror surface is to protect the surface/dial. It is not easy to notice from the appearance, but it usually has a curvature. However, because the mirror surface is made of glass, the correct time will be difficult to see because of the reflected light.

2. Wrist watch components: dial

It is mainly used to display the time and is also related to the design of the watch. It can be designed in different shapes, and can also be made of different materials, and the time scale can also be simple lacquer printing or bump printing. The commonly used dial materials can be roughly divided into metal, enamel, mother-of-pearl and carbon fiber dials.

3. Wrist watch components: bottom cover

The function of the back cover of the watch is to fix the movement, prevent dust and water, etc. They are mostly made of stainless steel. Characters and patterns can be corroded on the back, and there are generally three ways to assemble it with the case.

4. Watch face components: watch case

Protect the watch movement from external dust, dew or vibration damage, while providing the watch with a stylish and attractive appearance.

5. Wrist watch components: strap

Watch straps are divided into metal straps, leather straps and other straps. The material of the metal belt is divided into all steel, gold-plated, alloy and all gold.

6. Watch face parts: pointer

The dial of watch accessories is like the face of a watch. The watch maker has successfully created three coaxial tubes, the small one rotates in the large one; the gear at the bottom pushes the tube; the three gears all protrude on the dial, with the different heights to make sure that the hands do not obstruct each other when they rotate.

The pointer of watch face components has many shapes, but because the weight of the pointer affects the accuracy of time, no matter how fancy the shape of the pointer is, the material is mainly made of common brass, K gold, or blue steel to keep them within the stable weight range.

In addition to the light and thin material of the second hand, the average weight at both ends is also enough to affect accuracy. In addition, in order to be more durable, the dial parts pointers will also be plated with rhodium metal that is not easily oxidized to make the surface brighter and more wear-resistant.

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