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The Daily Maintenance Methods and Considerations for Hand Watchs

Feb 24,2023/Maintenance

Hand watchs daily maintenance method

  • Keep the hand watch away from magnetic fields. Although some models now have anti-magnetic functions, it is still better to stay away from magnetic materials around us.

  • Non-waterproof hand watches cannot be worn in excessively humid environments, especially leather strap hand watches. Excessive humidity can cause the strap to harden and emit odors.

  • Do not engage in too strenuous activities when wearing mechanical hand watches.

  • Do not open the hand watch case casually to avoid dust entering. If you are really curious, you can observe it when a professional opens it during maintenance.

  • Take off the hand watch before sleeping at night, especially hand watches with luminous functions. It is said that the luminous coating on the dial is a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, which will emit radium radiation when it glows, which can have a certain impact on health.

  • Hand watches that have not been worn for a long time need to be wound once a month. If it is automatic mechanical, it needs to be worn once to ensure it is wound up by movement. This can ensure that the internal parts of the hand watch are not in a static state for a long time, and the performance is guaranteed.

  • When manually winding a hand watch for the first time, it is necessary to wind it personally to facilitate mastery of a limit. Afterwards, when winding, wind it 9 minutes to avoid it being too tight and causing the mainspring to break.

  • If your hand watch has an abnormal situation, such as inaccurate timekeeping, please take it to the after-sales or professional repair shop for processing. Do not open it yourself.

What should we pay attention to in the maintenance of hand watches?

Please note that the hand watch usually operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The maintenance frequency of the hand watch depends on the type of hand watch, climate and the maintenance status of the wearer.

Generally speaking, like other precision mechanical tools, hand watches should be maintained at least every 4-5 years to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the hand watch.

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7th Floor, A3 building, Zhongtai Technology Industrial Park, Dezheng Road, Shiyan street, Baoan district, Shenzhen city, China.