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How to Change Wrist Watch Straps? What Are the Precautions?

Jul 20,2022/Watch Education

The strap is an important part of the watch. At the same time, the strap determines the comfort and convenience of the watch, and it is also related to the safety of the watch. So what should you pay attention to when changing a watch strap? As a professional watch manufacturer with an established reputation for outstanding products and customer service, we want to share this with you.

Ⅰ. How to change the strap of the wrist watch: metal

1. When the watch is unfolded, the letters or logos on the strap discount should be consistent with the dial. If it is upside down, the strap is reversed.

2. When removing the metal wrist watch straps, it is best to go in an even number, and the left and right sides of the watch buckle must be removed evenly. Only in this way can the buckle be centered and comfortable to wear, especially for women with thin wrists, pay more attention to this problem when removing the wrist watch straps.

3. The disassembly of the strap section is directional. Generally, there are arrows on the wrist watch straps to indicate the direction in which the pegs between the strap sections are punched out. It cannot be reversed. The installation direction is opposite to the removal direction.

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Ⅱ. How to change the wrist watch straps: leather

1. The width of the leather strap of the watch should be suitable for the width of the opening of the case, and should not be too narrow. When the strap is narrow, it will swing left and right, and it is easy to compress the spring of the strap bolt and make it fall off, causing the watch to be lost, and it is not beautiful at the same time. (Especially the watch with a large diameter and a long strap bolt). The width of the most commonly used leather straps is: 18 or 20MM for men's watches and 10 or 12MM for women's watches.

2. The thickness of the wrist watch straps should also take into account the gap between the opening of the case and the strap bolt. If the strap is too thick, it will jam between the case and the strap bolt, causing the strap to move. Very disrespectful.

3. The strap buckle should always be on the top of the watch (when the watch is looking straight and the crown is on the right).

Ⅲ. Precautions for changing wrist watch straps

If the metal strap encounters the hollow strap section, the so-called "hairpin" is generally used. It is easier to loosen and pop out, while solid watch straps are generally connected to the strap sections with studs or bolts, which may loosen and pop out over time, so they must be checked regularly. It can be pushed outward with a needle-like object. If the pegs come out as soon as you push them, it means they are loose. If you find any signs of exposure, go for repairs immediately.

If it is a leather strap, a watch strap with a discount will have many holes on the side to adjust the length of the strap. When indenting the strap, also note that the buckle adjustment sections (in and out) should not be retracted on the side of the strap in the direction of the closed axis. In this way, the buckle will form a lever force, which makes the strap very easy to open, and it is easy to lose the watch.

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