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Do Quartz Watches Need Oil Maintenance? How to Maintain a Quartz Watch?

Oct 20,2022/Maintenance

Although quartz watches and mechanical watches are both watches, there is a big gap in price. Even quartz watches from well-known Swiss brands can be won for a relatively small price. Therefore, many friends will not cherish it too much when wearing it, and will be heartbreaking once a problem occurs. So how to maintain quartz watches in daily wear? Today, we will share some common sense of watch maintenance with you.

1. Do quartz watches need to be oiled and maintained like mechanical watches?

In fact, quartz watches also need oil washing and maintenance, because there are not only electronic components such as circuit boards, motors, coils, but also mechanical components inside. After the mechanical parts run for a long time, the lubricating oil will dry up, causing the friction between the parts to increase and wear. And quartz watches are afraid of water and high magnetism.

2. How to properly perform daily maintenance and maintenance of quartz watches?

Pay attention to moisture-proof, keep the watch dry and clean, and do not wear hot water baths and saunas like mechanical watches, and not in the sun. At the same time, avoid contact with acid, alkali and other harmful substances or gases to avoid damage to the movement.

If the quartz watch suddenly goes abnormal (the error becomes larger, the stop and go), it is mostly because the watch is affected by a strong magnetic field. In addition, the severe vibration of the watch will cause the frequency in the watch to drift, which is also the main factor for the inaccuracy of the watch.

For a watch with a calendar function, the proofreading method is basically the same as that for a mechanical watch. Be careful not to use too much force when operating the button. The current consumption of lights and alarms is very large and should be used as little as possible. There are also quartz watches that need a waterproof test and appearance cleaning within a certain period of time, and a complete machine maintenance about every 5-7 years.

In addition to the maintenance of quartz watches, the maintenance of other watches is similar. Whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, the travel time accuracy has an error range. The mechanical watch is calculated by plus or minus 30 seconds per day, and the quartz watch is calculated by plus or minus 15 seconds per month.

If you do not know how to use a complicated watch, you should consult a professional about how to use it. It should not be repaired by yourself, because watches are precision instruments and once damaged parts are difficult to repair.

Generally, if there is dirt on the watch case and metal strap, you can use a cork stick or a soft flannel. Avoid contact with cosmetics such as perfume and spray. If the watch is not worn, it should be kept away from exposure to sunlight and humidity. Quartz watches should take out the battery, and mechanical watches should be fully wound once a month to keep the internal operation of the machine, and these electronic products such as home appliances and mobile phones should be kept away from strong magnetic fields to avoid magnetism.

It is worth mentioning that the waterproof depth of the watch is generally based on the static pressure conversion value tested in the laboratory, not the depth of wearing it in the actual water. When the normal sealing rubber ring is not aging, if you need to wear the watch to swim in the water, you should choose the waterproof 100~200 meters, and if you need to dive, the watch should choose the waterproof more than 300 meters.

It is forbidden to adjust the time in water, as this may cause water to enter the watch when the crown is open.

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