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Advantages of a Quartz Watch with Sapphire Crystal

Oct 27,2023/Watch Education

Whether it is an exquisite gift or a symbol of taste, watches have gone beyond simply recording time. As a manufacturer, we have always pursued the perfect combination of materials and craftsmanship to create unique high-quality timepieces. In this journey, the quartz watch with sapphire crystal stands out not only because of its unique material characteristics, but also because of its multiple advantages, making your wrist time more valuable.

Features of the quartz watch with sapphire crystal

In your watch, sapphire crystal is not just an ordinary glass, it carries multiple technologies and ingenuity. This synthetic material is known for its high wear resistance, transparency, and high temperature resistance, making it the preferred choice for manufacturing luxury watches. Through the melting and crystallization of pure aluminum oxide, sapphire crystal forms a hard single crystal structure at high temperature, making it extremely tough. Not only that, the case of the quartz watch with sapphire crystal, also due to its hardness and stability, becomes a solid barrier to protect time.

Multiple types of sapphire crystal

In the process of manufacturing the quartz watch with sapphire crystal, we fully consider different types of sapphire crystal to ensure the excellent performance of the material. Natural sapphire crystal, flame fusion sapphire crystal, and pulled sapphire crystal are all selected and processed. In particular, pulled sapphire crystals are considered the highest quality representative due to their high purity and transparency, ensuring the clarity and high-quality optical characteristics of the watch mirror.

In-depth analysis of the advantages of the quartz watch with sapphire crystal

Durability and scratch resistance

Sapphire crystal glass is a material with very high hardness, far exceeding ordinary mineral glass. Its high temperature and high pressure manufacturing process make it resistant to everyday wear and tear. In contrast, mineral glass is more susceptible to scratches and damage, while sapphire crystal withstands the test of time and pressure with its excellent hardness and durability.

Clarity and anti-reflection

Sapphire crystal glass has very high transparency and clarity. Its excellent optical characteristics effectively reduce light refraction and reflection, presenting a more realistic and clear visual experience. In addition, special treatments during the manufacturing process, such as anti-reflection coating, keep the surface of the glass smooth and highly transparent in various lighting environments.

Longevity and maintenance

Sapphire crystal glass guarantees its long-lasting and excellent quality through precise manufacturing. The neutral coating treatment not only gives it abrasion and corrosion resistance, but also extends its service life. The unique processing makes the surface of the sapphire crystal smooth, making it easy to clean and maintain.

In summary, the movt quartz watch with sapphire crystal is not only a carrier of time, but also a crystallization of art and technology. Its durability, clarity, and maintenance characteristics make every passing moment more noble and exquisite. As a manufacturer, we deeply understand the stories behind each watch and the impact of every detail. The quartz watch with sapphire crystal is the excellent choice presented to you by our pursuit of perfection. It is an indispensable elegant companion in terms of taste and technology.

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7th Floor, A3 building, Zhongtai Technology Industrial Park, Dezheng Road, Shiyan street, Baoan district, Shenzhen city, China.